Top 7 Apps To Help College Students Study Faster

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Technology has helped everyone’s lives in more ways than one. Regardless of the responsibilities you have, there will always be an innovation which will make things easier for you. You’ll be able to do a lot of things with minimal time because of technology. And for college students, there are now apps which can help you study faster and easier. To give you an idea what are these, take note of the list below:

1.) iTunes U: If you have an iPhone and you’re not using iTunes U, you’re missing a lot of things. This app offers lectures and coursework from different universities across the world. This can become an easy resource for any project or assignment that you’ll have in college. And if these universities can’t supply anything that’s related to your major or course, don’t fret. There are topics which can be useful in your everyday life such as Stanford University’s discussion on coding iOS apps. And the best part? It’s free (as long as you have an Apple device, of course).

2.) Cite This For Me: Properly citing borrowed words or ideas from other sources can take time. And citethisformewith the number of formats a college student has to follow, this will also require attention. Fortunately, the Cite This For Me app can change all of that. This app works by putting together another source’s citation and bibliography. You can also take a photo of a book’s barcode and let the app create a citation for you. It also formats all of your citation based on the style you prefer. MLA, APA or Harvard style citation? Yep, this app has got you covered.

3.) Duolingo: Learning a new language in college is helpful. It can help you build friendship with more people, understand your lessons better and look cool in the eyes of English-native speakers. Let Duolingo help you achieve any of those goals (or all of it). You can use this app to practice different languages such as Danish, Dutch, French, German and Spanish, among others.

4.) Wunderlist: Aside from your academics, you also have to socialize once in a while when you’re in college. Having a break with friends is always a good way to relax your mind and improve productivity. But when you don’t know how to manage your time, you’ll end up compromising your academics or social life. To keep everything in balance, download Wunderlist. This app helps you to create due dates, reminders and to-do lists. And because this app is convenient, you’ll be able to take note of activities immediately – something which is very helpful for forgetful students.

5.) Using different words always earns you extra brownie points. You can now do it effortlessly with this app. has over 2,000,000 definitions of words, word histories, synonyms, and antonyms. You can use this app even without a stable internet connection, making this app a convenient tool whenever you are.

Apps To Help College Students6.) Evernote: With everything going on during college, important information should be written as soon as possible because if not, you’ll surely forget it. If you want to have virtual notes in your devices, use Evernote. You can jot down any information through notes and even add images, audio recordings, links, and checklists in one place. You can even sync two devices in the app so you’ll be able to access important information regardless if you’re using your smartphone or laptop.

7.) Quizlet Go: Flashcards are helpful when you’re reviewing for an upcoming exam. It helps you recall lessons in a more systematic manner. You can still make use of the same studying strategy when you’re studying, but this time, it’s through an app. Quizlet Go allows you to use other people’s study sets as your own. You can select from a variety of topics – from German revolution to Civil War Battles – and study on your own. This app will help you review efficiently.   


Use Apps To Your Advantage

Being a college student is not easy. You have to balance your time between responsibilities and make sure that you’re actually excelling in all of it. But thanks to technology, you don’t have to take too much time and effort in studying. With apps which you can conveniently download in your smartphone or laptop, studying will become a breeze. You can finally ace those exams and tests!





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