Tips To Successfully Adjust To College Life

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Unlike when you were in high school, college is a more serious, more complicated stage of your academic life. Any decision you’ll make during college can impact your career opportunities in the future. College is also the time of your life where you’ll get to meet different people, get out of your shell and mold your skills. And while college is the best avenue to train yourself before stepping out into the world of employment, you’ll have to adjust to a lot of things during this time – everything is basically new once you enter college. College means dealing with new people, new professors, new environment, new schedule and new lifestyle. If you don’t keep up with the times, you’ll end up in isolation.

The college life will require a lot of things from you. Doing this can be a struggle at first, but once you know how, everything will come off easier. If you’re a freshman who’s about to enter college, consider the tips below so you can adjust successfully:

1.) When it comes to your academics: As a college student, you’ll have a lot of things on your plate. The responsibilities might be overwhelming, but you should be reminded of the main reason why you’re in college – to study. So before thinking about who to party with this weekend or who your dorm mate will be, prioritize your academics at all times.
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  • Always go to class: Some students would skip the first days or weeks of classes thinking that lessons will not be discussed. This is a misconception. You should always attend classes especially the first meetings since this is the time to be acquainted with your classmates, professors, and college coursework. Plus, you’re paying for these classes so don’t let money be wasted! 
  • Become comfortable with your mistakes: When you’re in college, it’s no longer fun and games. Everything you’ll learn here can help build up your career. And while it’s typical for a freshman to strive for excellence and perfection, don’t be too hard on yourself when you commit mistakes. Learn to forgive yourself and do better next time. Remember that you’re not the only freshman who commits mistakes. Let go and move on. 
  • Organize study groups: In the employment world, you’ll be working with different people. And no matter how difficult it can be, you have to work well with them in order to achieve corporate goals. Organize study groups so you’ll be accustomed to working in a group. This is a great avenue to learn how people are diverse and how this diversity can still provide brilliant ideas. 
  • Learn how to study: Cramming isn’t really the best way to go when you’re in college. With the number of subjects you’ll have, you’ll end up stressed and drained. As early as possible, come up with your own study habit. Schedule when you’re going to study and how you’re going to do it. Practice until this becomes innate in your system. 
  • Ask for help: You’ll have to think about a lot of things in college. But this doesn’t mean that you have to go through these alone. Remember that you can always seek help from other people and resources during tough times.

2.) When it comes to your social life: You might have made it through high school by considering books as your friends and never spent time talking with your classmates unless it’s about schoolwork. But when you’re in college, things have to change. Aside from learning things academically, let college become your avenue to go out there and socialize. After all, being able to mingle with other people is important in the world of employment. Here’s how you can do it:
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  • Get to know your roommate: You’ll be with your roommate 24/7. So instead of thinking of her as a nuisance in your personal space, take time to know her. Hang out with her outside of the dorm, study with her and build a friendship. You’ll never know how a roommate can turn out to be your best friend during college! 
  • Put yourself out there: If you have interest in sports, don’t be afraid to try out for the university’s basketball or soccer team. If you love doing math problems during your spare time, scout for organizations or clubs which allows you to do just that. Your priorities are focused on your academics but being able to socialize with other people is just as important. 
  • Manage time well: While it’s okay to go out and spend time with friends, don’t let it become your focus. As a college freshman, you should know how to manage your time. If possible, only attend parties when you’re done with schoolwork. If you still have a lot of projects and assignments to finish, learn how to turn down a friend’s offer to party over the weekend. 
  • Be your own person: Some freshmen would change their personality and behaviour just to feel like they belong to a group or clique. Don’t spend your college life this way. Be yourself and stand by every decision you make. Be responsible and think about pros and cons in everything that you do.

3.) For everything else in college: College isn’t just about adjusting to your academics and social life; college is more than that. There are general life tips which you should be acquainted as early as college so it’ll be easy for you to practice these once you enter the adult world. Learn to do these things once you’re in college:

  • Follow a budget: You will have money in college, but unlike when you’re at home, no one will supervise you on how you’re going to spend it. You should discipline yourself to handle finances wisely. Use an app or software to keep track of your expenses. Make adjustments when necessary and try to be thrifty. 
  • Set some new goals: You can think of college as New Year’s Day. With everything new, you can come up with resolutions and try to stick to them throughout the entire school year. Regardless if you want to become the president of an organization at school or learn at least three new languages, write all of your goals and start achieving them on the first day of classes. 
  • Learn outside of class: And while every lesson taught in college is important, there are also lessons which can’t be learned from the four walls of the classroom. Make the most out of college by learning outside of class. You can look for organizations that fit your interest or cultivate a relationship with a professor. 
  • Stay healthy: It’ll be hard for you to achieve anything in college if you’re sickly. It’s important that you take care of yourself as well. Sleep for at least eight hours every day, take supplements, eat healthy meals and always exercise. Make time for your health in your schedule.


Adjustment Is Key

College life can be challenging, but there are ways on how you can turn things around. Once you know how to adjust, you’ll be having fun while learning life lessons which you can use in the future. You’ll also gain a lot of friends who can help make your transition easier. Just remember to be yourself and bask in the entire college life experience!





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