Tips on How to Manage Stress During Finals Week

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You may have garnered high scores in all your quizzes during your midterm exams. You may have also submitted most of your assignments and projects before their respective due dates. Thus, you might think that you can rest easy and wait for the current academic term to end. You couldn’t be more than wrong though as you might suddenly find yourself cramming for an entire week while studying for your final exams. To help you manage any stress that you may experience during finals week, here are some tips for you to try:


1. Get enough sleep. 

The temptation to cram during finals week may be strong, especially if you aren’t the type of college orManage Stress - Enough Sleep university student who prioritizes their studies that much. 

Thus, you may have stocked up on caffeinated drinks as you pull all-nighter study sessions in preparation for your final exams.

However, aside from putting your health at risk, your brain can’t efficiently retain and recall information when it’s drowning in caffeine.

What you should do instead is to get eight hours of sleep each day and work your study schedule around it instead of the other way around.


2. Take a short walk. 

You may have decided to lock yourself in your room to focus on studying for your final exams. Unfortunately, your well-intentioned plan may backfire on you as it can cause your brain to become fatigued. As ironic as this may initially sound, taking a 15-minute walk outside of your room can help relax your brain. 


3. Switch to a healthy diet. 

A type of food that most students gravitate to during finals week is instant ramen. Just put the noodles in a bowl, add some hot water and seasoning, and presto! No more having to cook full-scale meals!

However, a 2014 study found out that too much intake of instant ramen noodles can lead to heart disease and diabetes, two diseases that you can’t afford to have long term. You should get rid of your instant ramen stash and start stocking healthier foods instead.

Like the first tip, you should work your study schedule around the time that you’ll eat or while cooking yourself a nutritious meal. After all, your health matters more than your grades.Manage Stress - Schedule for Reviewing


4. Open your social media accounts in moderation. 

The Internet may be very useful when it comes to preparing for finals week. However, it can also tempt you into opening your social media accounts, most especially if you want to catch up on the latest happenings. Distracted studying can cause you to ineffectively absorb information that you’ll need for your final exams. But if going cold turkey on using social media for an entire week isn’t working for you, you can set a maximum of 15 minutes to open your social media accounts during your study breaks or before getting some sleep. You should be careful not to go beyond that though.



College and university students have different ways of coping with the pressure that comes whenever finals week is fast approaching. Some of them may resort to slightly unconventional means like spending ten minutes inside a “cry closet.” But since your library doesn’t have one, you should start applying the above-listed tips on how to manage stress during finals week instead. You’d be surprised at how you’d successfully conquer what almost every other student dreads before the current academic term closes. Best of luck on your final exams!


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