The Secret Is Out: 7 Ways For College Students To Make Money On The Side

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Being a college student means you’re already an adult and you have to do things independently. Gone are the days when you have to solely depend on all of your life’s decisions on what your parents are going to say. And while they can always give you an allowance, you have to make sure that this amount will actually last an entire week or month. For some college students, budgeting their allowances is easier said than done. With everything that’s going on during college – academic requirements, urgent projects, school organizations, social life – it’s hard to keep track of your spending and be thrifty. If you find yourself running out of funds in the middle of the week, making money while studying might be the solution to your problem.

If you’re willing, you can always make money as a college student. However, there are a lot of things to be considered such as your schedule and energy. You also have to make sure that your classes are not compromised along the way. If you want to make money and still make it to class on time, consider the tips below:

COLLEGE- PART TIME1.) Use your skills and hobbies: Your skills and hobbies aren’t just things which you can do during your leisure; you can now make money by doing what you love to do! Regardless if you love graphic designing, knitting or writing, there are avenues which allow you to sell all of these. You can start by posting some of your works in your social media accounts and have friends and family share your posts. You can also try signing up for other online platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork. You have to let people know that you’re up for business so it’ll be easy for them to reach out to you.

2.) Sell unused electronics: Did your parents bought you a new smartphone as their send away gift for college? If they did, don’t throw away your old smartphone. You can sell this to your friends or even dorm mate and make money from it. The same also applies to your old laptops and tablets. As long as it’s usable, go ahead and sell!

3.) Sell old clothing: Moving to college might be a good time to finally clean your closet and sort out which clothes are you still using and which ones are too outdated. For the clothes which you will no longer use, sell them. You can have a garage sale before moving to college or sell it through social media. If you have branded clothes which are still in good condition, look for online platforms which allows you to sell these. For example, ThredUp works as a consignment shop but online.

4.) Test websites and take surveys: If you have free time between classes, you can get paid for testing websites and taking surveys. All you have to do is check websites and then give your feedback about it. You’re basically critiquing a website for web developers to determine what to improve. Look for websites which are looking for this kind of work – it’ll be easy because there’s actually a lot!

TUTORING5.) Tutoring: Tutoring is another avenue where you can make money but will demand time and effort. You have to make sure that you’re adept with the lessons you’re going to teach and your teaching strategies match your tutee’s level. You can advertise your tutoring services through your friends in college or sign up at to find opportunities in your area.

6.) Become a handyman: You should be thankful for your parents for letting you do chores at home. Not only were you able to learn life skills but you can now make money from it. If you consider yourself an expert in mowing lawns, fixing leaky faucets and painting walls in the room, register for websites such as TaskRabbit. This website allows you to lend a helping hand to someone in the community and in return, get paid for it. Unlike other means of earning, being a handyman is mostly a one-time project. You don’t need to have long-term engagement with your customer, and you can get back on track as soon as possible.

7.) Use your school: Instead of looking for other places to earn, start with your school first. Most often than not, schools offer avenues for their students to earn. You can give campus tours, be a cashier in your school museum, work at the cafeteria and become a resident assistant. Depending on your interest and schedule, there’s always a job at the school which can help you earn.


Practice Makes Perfect

Being a college student is hard. Everything you’ll do during these years can significantly impact your life. And if you don’t know how to make ends meet financially, chances are, you’ll be living the same way once you graduate. Let college teach you how to make money with terms fit for you lifestyle.   






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