Travel. Stepping out into the Unfamiliar and Seeing for the First Time. Expanding and Broadening Horizons. What adventures lie in the Unknown? What risks and challenges will you face? What will you learn about the world and what will you learn about yourself on your journey? The instinct to explore the world around us lies in the very core of our nature. Why do we pretend that there are more important things in life than living?

You are not limited by space or time, by oceans or mountains. You live in an age of cars and airplanes, paved roads and speed boats. Instant communication and connection. You are not limited by money and responsibilities. Only priorities. Wherever you live; just pick a direction and go. You are free to roam the earth from birth and you spend years learning to forget this.

2 weeks. Everything you see here transpired in two weeks on the road and cost less than the rent you pay at home and the war you wage on the weekends. This video isn’t meant to make you drop out of school or quit your job or grow to resent us. You were born to do more. Sometimes you forget. Consider this a gentle reminder. And if you like, feel free to follow along with us on our journey as it’s only just begun.