How to Take Care of Your Health After Getting Bit by a Rabid Dog

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Let’s say you’ve been invited visit a friend’s house, and it’s an offer you find hard to refuse. While you do your best to make yourself feel comfortable in someone else’s home, your host’s dog suddenly appears out of nowhere and bites you.

Soon you notice your temperature rising and your muscles feel weak and achy. You wonder if you were bit by a rabid dog. Off you go to the ER at your local hospital so the emergency personnel can help you by cleaning your wound and providing you with a series of anti-rabies shots. What a day!

Here are some things that you can do to take care of your health after your traumatic experience with a rabid dog.

1.) Keep your dog bite injury open.

Compared to most other wounds, a dog bit from a rabid dog is usually kept open instead of sewn shut to avoid any risk of infection. If a rabid dog bit your leg, you have to wear shorts for the time being until your dog bite injury gets healed fully.

If you’re uncomfortable seeing the dog bite injury or letting others see it, you can cover it with a bandage, though the bandage wrapping should be loose enough that you can comfortably insert your finger under it.

2.) Attend all of your physical and occupational therapy appointments.

A rabid dog may have bitten your hand, arm, or leg, which then resulted in paralysis.

  • Regardless of whether your dog bite injury is treated surgically or not, you’ll most likely have to participate in physical therapy to regain mobility, movement, and limb strength.
  • You may also have to participate in occupational therapy if your dog bite injury has left you unable to do even the simplest of tasks that are routine for most people.

3.) Consider visiting a psychiatrist as well.

More than your bite injury, you may have also suffered from mental trauma after getting bitten by a rabid dog. Do you find yourself shivering every time you come across any dog, rabid or not? You should go to a psychiatrist who can help you face the fear of dogs that now plagues you. Your psychiatrist may try various approaches to getting rid of the mental trauma caused by the incident that happened between you and someone’s rabid dog.

More than four million people get bitten by dogs in the United States each year, according to data compiled by the American Veterinary Medical Association. A bite injury from a healthy dog is painful enough, but a bite from a rabid dog is even more painful and requires lots more medical supervision and follow-up.

However, you’ve managed to exclude yourself from the more than 50,000 people all over the world who die from rabies each year by having your dog bite injury treated. While you’re recuperating from the bite, you should follow the above tips on how to take care of your health after getting bit by a rabid dog and call a lawyer so that you can earn your rightful compensation for the injury that you received from it.