Social experiment shows Vancouverites are honest (VIDEO)


Vancouver wallets pick up Sunday Fundayz

If you dropped your wallet without knowing it, would a passerby pick it up and return it to you?

Sunday Fundayz latest prank video was a honesty social experiment that answered this question. They walked through the streets of downtown Vancouver to see how people would react to people losing their wallets.

People of all walks of life, from the casual jogger to even a homeless individual, returned the wallets to their rightful owner immediately after they saw it drop from their pocket or hand.

Featured Image: Sunday Fundayz screenshot

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  • VvdG

    How about a video on “sharing” the sidewalk. As an older woman I seem to always have to give way when the sidewalk doesn’t accommodate three or more people to pass without someone stepping back. I’ve always wondered why men and women much younger than I am, and kids always seem to take precedence over me when passing on the sidewalk.

  • sorrynottrue

    I dropped my phone and it got stolen I called sent it a msg but no one replied I tracked it to a Vancouver house it was never returned to me… being a Vancouver has nothing to do with honesty I mean look at the house prices.

  • Marcos

    I was blown away by the homeless man who jumped up out of his warm blanket to pick up the wallet and return it. WOW, what an honest man. I walk by him now and again and will make sure to give him at least $10 for his honesty.

  • Samson

    If your slow, keep to the right and don’t block the whole sidewalk. Those men and young women probably have places to be, and why should they slow down to your pace? If you walk too slow, get of the way.

  • People are kinda dumb

    High house prices have nothing to do with honesty. They have to do with high desirability and limited supply.

  • Steve

    The rules of the sidewalk are similar to the rules of the road. If you aren’t traveling at the same speed or flow of traffic, stick to the right and give way. There is nothing worse than some old bag going extremely slow in the fast lane, slowing down traffic to a crawl.

  • Nick

    Some really good people for sure… but I think it’s kind of flawed…

    Chances are someone else saw that guy drop the wallet so for someone to pick up the wallet and attempt to steal it would be hilariously foolish because so many people would see him/her.

    In this kind of situation I don’t really see any case where anyone would do something differently.

    Now if it was in a public place (a mall?) where they were very isolated… Like if someone came across a wallet in an empty public washroom would they hand it in to a lost and found?

    I think results might be different.

  • Melissa

    What about transit etiquette? (IE giving up your seat for seniors, taking your backpack off when its busy, waiting until people get out until you get on.. ) mind you that might be a very long video..

  • Satisha King

    Or not have a 6 year old in a stroller perfectly capable of walking and sitting taking up the space for the disabled/elderly and actual babies!!!

  • Satisha King

    Wow very surprised by this video. Makes me not hate my city so much…

  • TheRealDeal

    The real test is to film people finding wallets when they think nobody is watching. A test I would pass

  • big d

    Most homeless people would do that ;) I work in the downtown east side. In a lot of cases the most marginalized people even with mental health issues are the most honest and caring people.

  • Death To Satan

    Yeah well our city would be a lot better without ignorant bigots like your self. I recognize you from the Dirty.

  • Satisha King

    lol you read the dirty and actually believe the shit on there? you are a poor excuse for a “human being” if you read that trash website and actually believe that garbage.

  • Stythe

    I am now watching the video just so that I can make a note of which homeless man did this. His honesty will come back around in spades.

  • Eric

  • Eric