Respect Begets Respect: 9 Tips To Deal With A College Professors You Dislike

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Just like the diversity of the college students, college professors also has different personalities. Some might be very enthusiastic in giving lectures in class while others let students do it as part of their reporting assignments. There are also professors who are very lenient with the students’ demands while others are very strict. This is why hearing stories of students disliking a particular college professor is normal – and you might even be one of these students. There’s nothing wrong if you have this sentiment, but since these are your professors, you have to do your best to maintain a harmonious relationship with them. Your college professors can play an important role in your success in college and even when you start working. To ensure that you can achieve that goal (no matter how much you dislike a college professor), consider the tips below:

professor1.) Take time to know your professor: As a college student, you should try your best to avoid making premature assumptions about a professor. If your friends told you how unprofessional or strict a college professor is, don’t believe them immediately. How they perceive a college professor might be different to how you perceive him. It’s best that you take time to know your professor, assess how he’s managing a class or how he’s able to handle difficult students and only then should you come up with the decision of how a college professor is.

2.) Be patient and listen: College professors are expected to be adept of a particular subject matter. They should be able to know the subject in different angles so they can be credible enough to answer students’ questions. However, a college professor who considers himself as a Mr. Know It all is sometimes, the professor most disliked by the students. Students might feel that they’re inferior towards the professor. If this is the reason why you dislike your own college professor, be patient and listen to him in class. As much as possible, remain calm and stay on your seat. Let your college professor feel that he’s the most equipped person in class. Going through the process of proving otherwise isn’t worth your time and effort.

3.) Stand up when needed: Unfortunately, there are also college professors who would use their authority to take advantage of students. Some professors will actually humiliate a student in class especially if the student wasn’t able to provide an answer to a simple question. When this does happen, know when to stand up and fight for your rights. Question the attitude of the professor. If this doesn’t change anything, record his misbehavior and threaten him to show the video to the management and the parents of the student.

4.) Be a polite reformer: Aside from the college professor’s attitude, his teaching style can also become the reason why you dislike him. He might hold his lectures too fast or too slow that you’re having a hard time digest the lessons. Instead of sitting quietly on your seat, talk to your professor about it. Let him know that the pace of his teaching style should be improve so you’ll be able (and even the rest of the class) can understand the lessons better. Some professors will be more than happy to adjust their teaching styles in order to fit the demands of the students.

5.) Be punctual all the time: There are college professors who are very strict with attendance. These college professors will have a fit once you’re late in class no matter your reason. It might be tempting to fight his policies but doing so will not get you anywhere. It’s better if you actually follow the rules set by this professor. If he’s strict with his class’ attendance, pour in time and effort to attend to his class at least twenty minutes earlier. If you’re going to be absent in the next meeting, inform him about it.

6.) Be quiet and obey: On the other side of the coin, there are college professors who are very keen on discipline. They don’t like the class to be noisy. They expect that everyone should be at their best behaviour all the time. If you’re a teacher yourself, you’d understand why this is important. How would you feel if the class is talking when you’re delivering a lecture? Don’t dislike your professor because of this but do as he pleases.

professor you dislike7.) Always do your homework: Regardless of how you dislike your professor, not doing your homework to show your rebellion is never an option. You’ll end up suffering from poor grades and even failing marks. Worse, you’ll be required to retake the subject with the same professor! As a college student, you should always do your homework. The professor is only looking after your performance as a student by gauging what you’ve learned in class. Don’t take your homework against the college professor.

8.) Address the professor with respect: All of your professors should be addressed with a “sir” or “ma’am” unless instructed otherwise. Your dislike towards him should never become a reason to disrespect him. If he asks a question in class, be sure to answer with respect – by keeping your voice low, by standing up (when required) and ending your sentences with a “sir”. Respect begets respect. If you treat your college professor with respect, it won’t be long before he does the same to you.

9.) Focus on doing your best work: You’re in college because you want to learn things which will be helpful once you step into the world of employment. You want to slowly build up your career through your chosen major and learn how to deal with different people. These things should be your focus on college, not stress out about a mistake committed by a professor in class. You, disliking a college professor should not hinder you to achieve all of your goals. No one expects you to like every single college professor, anyway.


Consider Other Perspectives

Entering college is like entering a whole new world. You’ll meet a lot of people who have varied personalities and interests – and your college professors are some people you’ll have to deal with along the way. Instead of looking at your college professors’ differences as a challenge, think of it as an important contribution to your college life. Their uniqueness will allow you to understand more people and adjust accordingly. It’s okay to dislike to some of them, but this should never distract you from performing your best as a college student!    




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