Central Backpackers Hostel

We got off our bus at Central Backpackers. It had a little restaurant on the ground floor with a solid menu of inexpensive food and shakes, and the rooms had A/C (cost more to get it turned on). We liked the place and stayed there the entire duration of our Laos experience. We arrived at night so there wasn’t much to do, but I THINK we went to Smile Bar for drinks and we probably grabbed some sandwiches from the street vendors. Vang Vieng had some incredibly delicious street food. We ate a LOT of it. The next day we took our time doing anything. Just tried to take it all in. Our only priority was finding the girls that we had planned to meet up with. Ryker had the name of their hostel but we didn’t know where it was. Funny enough, they found OUR hostel while we were out that night. Luckily Max was still in the room and he brought them to us.

Killin it at beer pong

Reunited With the Ladies

We were so excited to see them again! Jess, Haley and Courtney are such dope girls, although Lauren was no longer with them. She was doing her own trip in Europe. But we all partied that night, played a lot of beer pong and drank lotsa buckets. All of us stoked for tomorrow when we would finally hit the river. Aaaand celebrate Haley’s birthday. Perfect timing.

Haley Turns 21!

Our Favourite Ladies

So nobody really goes to the river before 1 or 2 (unless tubing, which takes 4 hours) so at 2pm we grabbed a tuk tuk and hit the river. We crossed the big, rickety bridge and joined the hundreds of people drinking and partying. It was such a gong show! Took some free shots of Tiger Whiskey, got some bracelets and started downing buckets. Haley had a blue sharpie and was keeping a kiss tally on her arm. And she got tons at the river, but the most notable one was the old Asian man who seems to hang out there daily. It was the grossest/funniest kiss I may have ever seen.

Many Canadians Here

Birthday Lapdance

One of the employees at Q bar, Mitch, gives a swanky lapdance to anybody that’s having their birthday. So Haley got placed on a chair in front of the stripper pole and Mitch did a striptease lapdance for her. It was very entertaining and very comical. *Sidenote: It was another dude’s birthday that day so I ended up kissing two birthday people. Yes one of them was a dude. Let’s be honest, I’d had several buckets… But Haley’s kiss count was way higher than his. He wasn’t as attractive though, so that totally understandable. Then Pumped Up Kicks Remix came on. This is the rowdiest remix and everyone gets up and does a huge dance for it. But mid dance, it starts to pour rain. I have never seen such a rowdy dance party! (Except maybe Full Moon Party). It was so surreal. Everybody wasted, jumping around like maniacs and dripping wet from head to toe. Honestly, such an amazing experience. Sometime after sundown, we headed back to the hostel, took a breather before heading out to the bars again at night. Happy birthday Haley!

River Round Two

Perfectly Timed Photo

Today was very similar to yesterday but fewer kisses, less rain and more backflips. Today was actually on par with yesterday in terms of best day ever, I had so much energy. I was bouncing off the walls, backflipping everywhere and doing pretty well at beer pong. P.S. Everyone plays beer pong everywhere in Vang Vieng. We got to really hone our skills. We only lost to each other, nobody was as good as we Canadians. I also did my first backflip 720 today off the platform at Why Not? Bar. From here on in the days started to blend together… One of the nights, Gatty was jumping on our beds and accidentally punched and broke our ceiling fan. Russia was super wasted and thought it would be a good idea to rip the fan right out of the ceiling. Of course, it wasn’t his room so he didn’t care. And Luke showed up the next day so Max took a room with him. Which left me with no fan and no A/C. Sleeping sucked! But I found a new respect for sleeping in the nude.

Fixing the Fan