On March 29th the phone rang in our apartment, the conversation went a little something like this:

“Hey Sundayfundayz, this is Bud Light”
“Hey, how’s it going?”
“Great actually, I’m sorry for calling you so early (it was 8am), but I’m calling to see if you guys would be interested in flying to Toronto, so you can be a part of a house party with Bud Light, Steve Aoki, and about 100 university students that have no idea what’s in store for them.”

Alexey ran into our rooms and woke everyone up explaining that we needed to clear our schedules ASAP, and that we’re going to Toronto for a party of very epic proportions. Within 2 hours we were on a plane, vibrating with excitement and anticipation. We arrived in Toronto and met up with Bud Light who gave us the basic low-down for the following night’s debauchery, to which we had been invited to experience in our own way. Essentially, Bud Light planned this once-in-a-lifetime experience for a select 15 university students who are community influencers and demonstrate a passion for living life to the fullest. Each student, hand selected, received a phone call telling them they were invited to a very special house party. Who was the caller, you might ask? None other than DJ Steve Aoki.

Limo ride to the party

We “laid low” Friday night and did some minor adventuring in downtown Toronto. The next morning we woke up and drove to London where the party was to be held inside a secret frat house.

Epic party

How The Night Went Down:

A limo arrives to pick us up around 9pm, and we were off. The driver rolled us around for a while before opening the doors to a massive frat house glowing with blue sky lights. We walked in and were immediately immersed in people and activities everywhere. I think at this point the 4 of us scattered like flies, each exploring and walking into different rooms around the crowded frat house. One with washing machines lined up for some type of foam party, a room dedicated to beer pong, and they brought in a really sweet photo booth! After wandering the different rooms, we started seeing people running towards the front door of the house where a team of pizza boys held about 50 boxes of delicious ‘zaa’ above their head. Pretty good combo if you ask me.

10:30pm, The guys and I congregated into the kitchen, and started to explore the frat house’s contents. This is where things get interesting… The first thing we find in one of the drawers is an array of electronic bubble guns and silly string. While shooting strangers, I hear Parker scream from across the room in the pantry. It was completely full of candy… And I don’t mean 7-11 5-cent stuff, I’m talking fruit-by-the-foot, coffee crisps, kit-kats, chips, gum… the works. We continued to socialize, explore, and mow down the chow like happy campers.


Raging living room party

11:10pm, The same kind of rush towards the front door was happening… this time it wasn’t pizza, it was Steve! Totally decked out with his Dim Mak crew, he strolls in and gets swarmed instantly by party goers.

11:20pm, The masses moved into the living room where they had a full stage with lights, DJ rig and speakers and the party really started. Aoki got on the mic and welcomed us all to the party and prepped us to be ready for a messy time. We had no idea what that actually meant.

11:30pm, Steve walks away from the decks and comes back into sight facing the dance floor with a giant 2×3 ft cake. He climbed onto the DJ booth and (timed perfectly with the drop of the electro banger) throws the cake onto the people dancing in the front row. So this is what he meant by messy… I watch him throw 10 more cakes.

Huge Dim Mak cakes

11:45pm, I get a calf cramp from trying to jump up and down with a random girl on my shoulders and start falling from the slippery, caked floor. Thankfully I’m saved and helped up by the strangers beside me who look like they went to war inside a Willy Wonka factory.

11:55pm, I find myself crowd surfing inside a giant inflatable dingy about 15 feet from Steve Aoki.

Cake face

12:05pm, Alexey has managed to weasel his way backstage to film beside Aoki while he DJed, and I’m extremely jealous.

I don’t actually remember when he stopped playing music. I don’t think anyone else did either, they were too pre-occupied food fighting, taking pictures in the photobooth, or doing the moonwalk across the kitchen. This night was absolutely insane and we were honoured to have been invited to get to experience the party that started it all. Over the few months the 15 students get to partake in 2 more legendary experiences they call Bud Light Living including a trip to Vegas, a weekend at Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival and a $10,000 New York City shopping spree

We flew home a few days later after recuperating our energy and cleaning the cake off our shoes. Experiences like this don’t happen too often, so when Bud Light calls… you answer!

Rumour has it Bud Light isn’t done providing legendary experiences, follow #BudLightLiving to see who’s next.