College Clubs 101: What To Consider Before Joining One

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There are a lot of clubs in college. You’ll have clubs which are solely dedicated to academic subjects while there are also ones which are focused on sports. There are also clubs which serves as an avenue to hone your skills for a hobby (culinary and knitting clubs) while others showcase your love for the theater and arts. With the number of clubs to choose from, determining which one you should join can become a struggle. You’ll be influenced by a lot of things, especially peer pressure, which can lead you to come up with bad decisions.

Most often than not, you want to join a club because you want to become a better college student, make college clubsnew friends and have fun with your new social circle. But you can only achieve all of those things if you choose the perfect college club for you. Here’s how you can do it:

1.) Visit your school’s club fair: It’ll be hard for you to decide which club to join if you’re clueless about your options. You’ll end up joining a science club because you thought a debating club didn’t exist. Save yourself from committing this mistake by visiting your school’s club fair. Pay attention to when this activity will be scheduled and go through different booths organized by various clubs. Acquaint yourself with these clubs and if you have any questions, feel free to ask the representative. This is the perfect time for you to set your expectations with every club in your school.

2.) Start with a lot and then narrow down: It’s common for college freshmen like you to be confused about which club to join. With the number of clubs out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Don’t pressure yourself. Start by joining meetings hosted by several clubs without fully committing yourself yet. This is a great way for you to test the waters and determine which club will work for you. Once you can come up with your own favorites, narrow down your list and actively participate in the club you chose.

3.) Consider your skills and interests: This is the easiest way for you to find the perfect college club. Look what are your skills and interests and choose a club which focuses on these things. You’ll probably sign up for the dance troupe because you always have the groove or glee club because you have a great voice. When you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy for you to pick a club. Additionally, when you join a club which showcases your skills and interests, relating to other club members will become a breeze!

4.) Don’t be afraid to try weird things: The maxim that states “You’ll never know unless you try” can still be applicable when you’re looking for your first college club. Instead of choosing a club that’s up your alley, consider going out of your comfort zone and try weird things. If you like cooking but never really did well in the kitchen, you can sign up for a culinary club. Cooking might not come naturally to you, but because you’ll have fun in the club, you’ll never know how things can get better over time. Plus, you’ll also be surrounded with club members who either a pro in the kitchen or has the same skillset as you. You’ll be more confident in the kitchen with these people around!

5.) Think about your priorities: There’s no question as to how beneficial college clubs are. However, you should never forget that you’re also a student – you need to study and do well with your academics. Before signing up for a club, determine how often in a week would you need to be present in the club and if there are other activities planned for the school year. This information will help you assess if you still have time to join a club without compromising your studies.


Bringing Out The Best You

Clubs can become the reason why your entire college life experience can be memorable. For one, college clubs are an excellent medium for you to meet new people – people who aren’t from your class. You’ll also learn new skills, get better at time management and improve your confidence. And most importantly, when you’re a part of a club, you’ll gain experience which can be used in the future. Take time to decide which club you should join. Don’t make any rash decisions just because your friends already have their own clubs. Consider your options, find a club which you’ll see yourself grow and always have fun in every club activity. The time you spend in college clubs can go a long way for your personal and professional development!







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