Breaking Out Of Your Shell: How To Make Friends In College

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Whatever you do in college will affect your career and your life in general. If you’ll spend most of your time in college reading books, preparing projects and studying course materials, chances are, you’ll land a stable job once you graduate. You’ll have the academic qualifications to finally build a career and earn from it. On the other side of the coin, if you spend most of your college days isolating yourself, you’ll end up experiencing college alone. You’ll become shy over time which can become a problem when you start to work. How else can you apply for a job and talk to customers when you’re not comfortable being with different people? Let college become your avenue for you to break out from your shell. Use this as an avenue to make friends so the moment you graduate, creating relationships with other people will become a breeze for you!

Everything in college will be new to you – new responsibilities, new universities and new professors. But make friendsjust because everything is new, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to reach out and make friends at all. Sure, taking the first steps might be nerve-wracking, but it’ll be easier if you know how. Use the tips below so you can finally find your next BFF in college:

1.) Be yourself: With the number of cliques in college and the desire to be accepted by many, college students would decide to live as someone they’re not. This can be tempting but don’t to it. If you want to make friends in college, be yourself. Let your personality shine and allow your uniqueness to attract many people to like you. After all, no one likes to befriend someone who’s deceiving, right?

2.) Use the dorm to your advantage: Usually, you’ll have to live in a dorm once your classes start. This is where you’ll earn several roommates and dorm mates. Instead of looking at these people as a nuisance especially when it comes to your privacy, make a move and make friends with them. If you’re living with roommates, go ahead and ask them to have lunch with you. If exams are coming up, study with them. Having roommates as your friends is advantageous since you’ll have someone who can relate to what you’re going through in college.

3.) Be interesting: If you have unique hobbies and skills, like baking or scrapbooking, use these to make friends. You can bake cookies for everyone in your dorm or prepare a scrapbook with pictures about your college experience. Once you do any of these, many college students will remember you and will immediately become your friends!

4.) Do extracurricular: Participating in clubs and organizations in college is still one of the easiest and fastest ways for you to make friends. Since extracurricular activities welcome college students from different classes, you’ll be able to expand your social circle right away. Plus, you’ll meet students who share the same interests as you – and talking about these interests can be an excellent icebreaker!

5.) Try to know a little about everything: It’s hard to make friends when you don’t know how to start the conversation. You’ll end up being tongue tied – and that’s really embarrassing! So it’ll be easier for you to talk to other people, make sure you know a little about everything. If sports is essential in your university, acquaint yourself with the standings of your school’s national sports team. You don’t need to know every single detail about sports, but knowing when your school’s sports team will play again can be a good conversation starter.

6.) Eat meals with people: Great memories are made over food – use the same notion when you’re in college. When you’re having meals in the university’s cafeteria or nearby coffee shop, don’t be afraid to share a table with someone else. Reach out to them and look for common topics which you can talk about.

7.) Be nice: Even if you follow all the tips from this list, if you’re not nice, you’ll not make any friends. If you want to know more people, you should let your guards down and be nice all the time. When a college freshman asks if the seat next to you is taken, politely answer back and invite him to sit with you. When you’re starting a conversation with other people, be approachable and always start with a smile. Being nice to everyone in college can become your magnet to make friends.


Your Perception Counts

It’s typical to feel scared of what college might offer. You basically don’t have any idea how things will work during this stage and most often than not, you don’t want to commit any mistakes. The hesitation of being judged by other people will also be there. Instead of fearing everything about college, turn your perception around. Think of college as an avenue for you to express yourself, find your interest and create meaningful relationships with other people. Once you start to make friends in college, achieving all of these goals will become easy. You’ll even start to love being in college!





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