Divorcing Women

What Divorcing Women Need To Know Legally About Alimony
Divorce can be a difficult process, as it can leave both parties feeling devastated, agitated or hurt. Women are primarily affected when divorce happens. Based on the National Center for Health Statistics of United States marriages end up in divorce.

Reasons for Filing Divorce
“I want a divorce.” Women often initiate and utter these words more than men. Based on the study by Michael Rosenfeld of the How Couples Meet and Stay Together Project done from 2009 to 2015, 69 of the total number of couples who split during these periods were due to the wives’ declaration to file for divorce.

Some of the reasons why include:

1.) Marriage Quality – Women were said to be more sensitive about the relationship compared to men. During the span of the divorced couples’ years together, the quality of their marriages reportedly deteriorated. Most of the women became unsatisfied and unhappy with their lives, which made them file for divorce. Over the years, couples who were married for at least a decade often lose their connection with one another. Lack of communication, lack of intimacy and lack of equality fall into this category.

2.) Unreasonable Behavior – Surprisingly, unreasonable behavior is one of the most common reasons why married couples choose to divorce. 47 of divorces are due to the unreasonable behaviors of one or both parties. Constant arguing also falls in this category.

3.) Adultery – Adultery is engaging in sexual activities or relationship with another person other than your spouse. According to statistics, during the fifth to seventh year of marriage, there is a high chance of husbands as well as wives to have an affair. Husbands’ reason is primarily for the sex; however, emotional connection was cited to be the main reason why wives cheat.

4.) Physical or Mental Abuse – When someone in the marriage suffers abuse, it is a red flag and should be grounds for filing divorce. Physical as well as emotional abuse is present in a marriage. It is a devastating reality for those who suffer some kind of abuse in the marriage, as their relationship should be built in trust, love and equality. Parties who have been victims of abuse file for divorce because they could not take it anymore.