7 Common Roommate Problems And How To Solve Them

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Most of the time, studying for college will require you to live in a dorm. This kind of set-up will be convenient for you since you’ll be living nearer to the university, leaving you with more time to fulfill your responsibilities as a student. Aside from the convenience, living in a dorm can also be cheaper since you don’t have to pay for fare every day just to attend classes. This can be very helpful especially if you’re living from a faraway place. Living in a dorm also means doing things on your own without any parents bossing you around. And while the entire experience of living in a dorm can be exciting, having problems with your roommate can change all of these. This experience can become stressful instead of memorable.

Living with a roommate is common in a dorm. Having someone to share your dorm room is a cheaper option than paying for everything on your own. Plus, you’ll also have an instant friend when you have a roommate. But because the two of you are human beings, problems are bound to happen along the way. To know what these problems are and how you can possibly solve them, consider the information below:

1.) Your roommate is either too clean or too messy: Having a roommate who is into the extremes can be stressful. But instead of trying to change her ways, it would be easier if you change yours. If you end up with a roommate who is too clean, put in your effort to make sure that your side of the room is clean too. No, this doesn’t mean that you should spend five hours of cleaning every day just to keep your side spotless. You can start by making sure that your soiled clothes are in the laundry, your trash is empty, and your dishes are clean before sleeping every night.  But if you have a roommate who’s too messy, you should change your approach. You should assign tasks to her so she’ll be responsible for keeping her side of the room clean. Call her out when she’s not meeting her side of the bargain.

2.) Your roommate has a different sleeping schedule than you: Not everyone sleeps as early as 8 PM like you. Some are fond of sleeping in the wee hours of the morning and keep themselves busy all throughout the night. And if you happen to have a roommate who follows this sleeping schedule, talk to her about it. If she’s making too much noise while you’re trying to get some shuteye, provide options on where she can work like the school library, study rooms, and dorm room common areas. On the other side of the coin, if your roommate is trying to sleep and you still have a lot on your plate, go somewhere else so you won’t disturb her sleep.

3.) Your roommate always brings her boyfriend: This is one of the most common problems you’ll have when you have a roommate. Young love can be inspiring, but too much of it can be uncomfortable especially for others who are outside of the relationship. If your roommate always brings her boyfriend, talk to her about it. Let her know that you’re uncomfortable seeing them 24/7 in your dorm room. If your roommate is a decent person, she’ll understand and change her ways. If this doesn’t do anything, talk to your resident assistant. You have more rights than your roommate’s boyfriend because you’re the one paying for rent.

4.) Your roommate uses your things without permission: There will be people in your life whom you’re comfortable with in sharing everything. This person can be your best friend since your childhood or close family member. But this kind of relationship rarely happens between roommates – you barely know her. When your roommate uses your stuff without asking, immediately talk to her about it. Don’t tolerate it as it might create the impression that you’re actually amenable to her using your stuff without your permission. It’s always better to solve a problem during its earliest stages.

5.) Your roommate is never around: Having someone around especially when you’re new in roommate problem 2college is always a good thing. You’ll have someone to talk to when you feel like stress is getting the best of you. But if your roommate is never around, you’ll end up feeling more lonesome. The best thing to do when this happens is to try your best to build friendships with your roommate. Start by scheduling lunches and study dates with her. Once you and your roommate become friends, she will choose to stay in the dorm room more often. You can finally bid those lonely nights goodbye!

6.) Your roommate is always around: While having a roommate who’s always MIA is bothersome, a roommate who doesn’t seem to leave the dorm room can also have the same effect. You’ll lose your privacy if someone is always in the room, looking at you. If there are things which you’re comfortable doing alone, choose to do it in other areas around the university campus. This is a better solution compared to kicking your roommate out of their own space.

7.) Your roommate is noisy: When you’re new in college, having a friend who’s talkative can be advantageous. You don’t have to stress yourself thinking about how to start a conversation because another person can do it effortlessly. But when this kind of person becomes your roommate, you might not have the same sentiment. Having a noisy roommate – someone who uses their phone almost every hour with a voice that can be heard at least two rooms away or someone who’s fond of turning up the volume of their speakers – can become a headache. During these situations, communication is still key. Talk to your roommate about the noise she’s making and how it affects you. It will also help if you invest in noise-canceling headphones.


Change Takes Time

Living in a dorm means adjusting to different kinds of people – and that includes your roommate. Regardless of how unpredictable, annoying and different your roommate is, you should take time to know her and understand her ways. If you’re having issues with how she deals with certain things, don’t be afraid to open up. Doing all of these might be stressful at first, but you’ll never know how talking can iron out a lot of things. Your roommate can even turn out to be your best friend once you know how to accept and understand her!






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