6 Ways To Have Privacy In Your Dorm Room

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Living in a new place with new people can be very exciting – take dorm living for example. This is the time of your life where you can live independently (finally!) and make decisions on your own. But since you’ll have to share your dorm room with someone else, your privacy might be compromised. You’ll be living with someone 24/7, and this can hinder you do to things privately. The hours you spend to meditate before sleeping might be gone because your dorm mate is fond of staying in your side of the room. Or your dorm mate might love bringing people over and their presence might easily distract you. To prevent all of these from happening and to make sure that you can still have privacy in your dorm room, take note of the tips below:

1.) Don’t bring too much stuff: Keep in mind that your dorm room isn’t as spacious as your 6 Ways To Have Privacybedroom at home. Most often than not, your dorm room is just enough to have a bed, small furniture and for you to move around. To create privacy in the limited space that you have, don’t cramp it with too much stuff from home. Bringing some items from home might help you fight homesickness but don’t overdo it. Instead of bringing all of your family member’s framed pictures and photo album, settle for one family picture. Doing this will still remind you of home without compromising your dorm room space.

2.) Agree on shared and personal possessions: Being a student doesn’t give you the luxury of having unlimited funds. In fact, you’ll only be given a budget by your family, and you’ll have to make ends meet to live away from home. This is the reason why buying items to share with your dorm mate can be an excellent option. You can divide the cost of buying a microwave or desktop lamp and take turns in using it. In the same manner, your dorm mate can buy the detergent, and you’ll be responsible for providing other supplies for the laundry.

On the other side of the coin, it’s also important that you specify which of your valuables are for personal use only. If you’re not comfortable in having your dorm mate use your printer, tell her about it. You should also ask your dorm mate if there are also valuables which are for her use only. Being clear about this arrangement can avoid disagreements in the long run.

3.) Tell friends about house rules: Even if your dorm room is small, it can still become a venue for study sessions and parties. When you have people over, tell them about house rules. If your friend stays in your dorm room, don’t be afraid to tell her of the house rules set by your dorm mate. Your dorm mate might be an early riser so having friends over until 11 in the evening might not be a good idea. Or if your dorm mate is very keen on her bed and how it’s made, tell your friend not to sit on it while your dorm mate is gone. It’s important to be conscious of your dorm mate’s privacy so she’ll also return the favor.

4.) Protect computer files: Regardless of the major you’ll take up, you’ll need a computer or laptop to make things easier for you. This is where you’ll save your lessons and your most private information, too. Make sure that this information isn’t accessible to anyone. Keep them private by using programs or software which can block unauthorized users from accessing your files. These might come with a price, but if it’s for your privacy, it’s something worth investing.

5.) Accommodate each other’s schedule: Having privacy in your dorm room requires the cooperation of everyone living in it. You should be able to accommodate your dorm mate’s schedule, and you should also do the same for her. For instance, if you love studying with music in the background, use headphones or only study at night only when your dorm mate is about to go to sleep. In return, your dorm mate might prepare her bagels and cream cheese for breakfast the night before so she can step out without disturbing your sleep.

6.) Divide and conquer: The easiest way to have privacy in your dorm room is to divide space between you and your dorm mate. You can make use of bookcases and shelving units for this purpose. Not only do these create division but these are also functional – a smart choice for your dorm room with limited space. If adding furniture isn’t your cup of tea, use curtains instead. This is an effortless way of creating privacy while being stylish too. With the variety of curtains to choose from, finding one which showcases your personality can be easy!


It Takes Two To Tango

Privacy is important to different people in different ways. You might need privacy so you can focus on what you’re studying while some might need privacy in order for them to relax. This is why you should look for ways to have your own privacy and have your dorm mate experience the same as well. There might be challenges along the way, but if both of you are willing to cooperate and help each other, the two of you can still have privacy even in your dorm room!






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