5 Strategies To Limit Your Technology Use

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Undeniably, technology can help you a lot when you’re a college student. There are now devices and apps which can help you study, take down notes, manage time and socialize with different people in a faster way. Technology also saves you the inconvenience of bringing a lot of items to class because your laptop or smartphone can be used for the same purpose. But on the other side of the coin, too much technology can also have adverse effects on your college life. When you’re always spending too much time with your gadgets, you won’t have time to study and meet other responsibilities. You’ll end up focusing on things which don’t really matter. To ensure that technology use will only bring positive results, limit yourself by following the strategies below:

Limit Your Technology Use2

  1. Don’t take it to bed: It’s usual for college students to bring their phones to their bed. They would go to bed early, but because their phones are with them, they’d end up sleeping in the wee hours of the morning – because you can never notice how time flies once you’re too occupied stalking other people’s social media account, right? Steer away from this direction by not bringing any device to bed. If you’re living in a dorm, leave your gadgets in your study table or anywhere far from your bed. If you’re still living in your parents’, leave your gadget outside your bedroom. The farther your gadgets are, the lesser temptation it is for you.

  2. Don’t wake up with it, too: Gone are the days when you have to read the daily newspaper to know the latest trend. Today, a gadget and a stable internet connection allow you to get the same information. But starting your day with this routine isn’t always best. Once you get a hold of your device first thing in the morning, you’ll probably skip your breakfast to continue what you’re doing. The next thing you know, it’s already noon, and you haven’t done anything but check your Facebook account. Start your day right by doing anything that doesn’t involve technology. You can do your chores, read last week’s notes and even exercise. You’re fully energized in the morning so make sure you’re putting that energy into good use.

  3. Set a curfew: If you have important activities online (such as being the administrator of your organization’s social page or waiting for an assignment given online), totally ditching technology might not be suitable for you. So set a curfew instead. For example, you can discipline yourself to only use technology from 1PM-5PM during weekends and 6PM-8PM during weekdays. You can adjust the curfew to suit your assignments in a week. If you have a long list of to-dos in a week, spend lesser time with your gadget. In this way, you can still have the best of both worlds – your social life and academics.

    Limit Your Technology Use3

  4. Keep yourself busy: Most often than not, boredom pushed you to use gadgets. Because you don’t have anything else to do, you’ll end up using technology. If this is true in your situation, look for other activities which can keep you busy. You can study lecture notes and prepare projects ahead of time. You can call your family to catch up or have your friends hang out with you. There’s a whole world outside of technology and social media, all you have to do is look.

  5. Take days off: You might think it’s impossible to live without a gadget but in reality, it can be done! How your parents and grandparents spent their student life is a concrete example. And today, you can still do the same. Schedule days off without technology and spend time outdoors. You can go to the beach, visit a new coffee shop or take up a new hobby. Doing all of these things without a gadget in your hand can make the experience better. And once you’re able to spend a day or weekend without technology, you’ll be fulfilled!

Discipline Is A Required

The maxim that states “too much of anything is bad” is still true when it comes to technology use. Technology might have made tasks easier and faster especially to college students like you, but you should also know when to draw the line. You should discipline yourself so that you won’t fall victims to the dangers of technology. Doing this might be challenging at first, but as long as you’re focused on achieving your goal in college, you’ll be motivated to continue your efforts. You’ll realize all of your efforts are worth it once you see your report card full of A’s!






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