5 Activities That You Can Do Now That Finals Week Is Over

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Finals week may have been very stressful for you. Much of your time may have been spent locked up inside your room or at your university’s library while studying textbooks from cover to cover. You may have even cut down on sleep – though you had managed to stay awake for some reason during your final exams. After all, you wouldn’t want the tuition that either you or your parents had paid to go to waste all because you didn’t prepare for finals week. But now that finals week is over, you can start breathing a huge sigh of relief and start doing these activities to get all that stress out of your system:


1.) Catch up on your sleep.

Sleep may have been a luxury for you during finals week. Now you can put it behind you, you can finally catch up on some sleep for the next academic term. You’ll end up being fully recharged to take on yet another long year of study.

2.) Take a vacation.


If you’re a light sleeper, you can use your downtime to start planning where to go on vacation. You can embark on a road trip to a faraway tourist destination in the country if you know how to drive. You can also spend a few days abroad and explore a culture that’s different from what you’re used to if you’ve got more than enough money to buy yourself a plane ticket and book a place to stay.

3.) Set some time to exercise.

Much of the tired feeling that you’ve experienced during finals week is a result of not moving around that much. As ironic as this may initially sound to you, doing physical exercise can help you relax as it releases all the remaining stress from the finals week that you’ve just survived. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to spend money on applying for a gym membership or workout for free instead by doing brisk walking and running. Either way exercise is a good way to get fit and get you ready for your next set of study.

4.) Visit your family if you’re living away from them.

Life as a university student may have primed you into learning how to live independently. But admit it, you’d like to check on what your family has been up to while you were busy studying for your future.

Your family might be surprised to see how much you’ve grown over the span of an entire academic term and how you’re now willing to help them do those household chores that you used to loathe back when you were still in high school.

5.) Pamper yourself.

pamper yourself

The days after finals week are the perfect time to treat yourself for having conquered what most other students like you consider as a very stressful period in your life. Whether it be as small as buying yourself your favorite ice cream flavor or as big as getting yourself a full-body massage, it’s about time you took care of yourself more than your grades.



You may have been initially thrilled when you first enrolled yourself at the university where you’re currently studying. All that excitement might have eventually been sapped away from you though when you found yourself having to make intense preparations for finals week. But you needn’t worry about finals week anymore now that it’s officially over by doing the above-listed activities. You deserve that much-needed break after all!




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