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Out of Goa – Off to Chandigarh

Day 5 – Last day in Goa Woke up again at dawn, that makes 5 days straight (I guess it takes some time to adjust to the other side of the world for the first time). We chilled for a bit, went to the beach one last time, and took some more pictures of stuff. We went to the battle arena to do some documentation stuff but nobody was ready

Brazil Travel

Our first stop in Brazil was Buzios. Kind of a tourist town, about 2 hours from Rio. We were only there a couple days, but made sure to go out, grab some drinks and meet the people. There were nice beaches and good waves here as well, so we went surfing. We’ve only surfed a handful of times so suffice to say, we sucked, but oh well. It was fun nonetheless. Once we hit

Summer Sun Skydiving

go to https://www.facebook.com/sundayfundayz to see more airplanes. We spent a day jumping out of planes and making videos, this is our skydiving experience at Pacific Skydivers in Pitt Meadows. follow: http://twitter.com/sundayfundayz Get Tank Tops at http://highonlife.ca/ Pacific Skydivers: http://www.pacificskydivers.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pacificskydi… music: Hermitude – Hyper Paradise (Flume Remix) Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy

Greece! What a Gong Show!!!

Sundayfundayz came to this country not knowing what to expect. I personally had been told by many people that this place would be full of wonderful people, food, scenery, night life and beaches! To date, they couldn’t have been more correct. We flew into Athens from Prague and took an expensive taxi to the city’s core. After arriving at our hotel, Russia, Ryker and I went out for a traditional

Budapest Vienna Prague in 7 Days

  Yes! That’s right, 7 days 3 amazing capital cities! We were invited to go on a Contiki tour that also doubled as a press trip. It was a great chance to hang out with a lot of like minded people in the media industry and make some awesome collaborations and friendships. The trip was incredibly fast paced and jam-packed with activities. We did sooo much stuff in such a short

A Day Full Of Adventure In Cambodia!

April 1st was a big day for the Sundayfundayz crew. We left our hotel room in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and set off on an epic quest not knowing exactly what to expect. Two activities were on our itinerary, which we had our tuk-tuk driver Mr. Wii set up for us. We jumped in the tuk-tuk and got off nine or eleven minutes later at the Bangkok bus terminal where the

Beginning the Travel – Goa

Alright so those flights from Vancouver to Goa were brutally long and arduous. Vancouver – Chicago: 4 hours Chicago – Washington: 2 hours Washington – Qatar: 12 hours Qatar – Goa: 3 hours Including the layover time sitting in different airports, it took us well over a day to get to India. But once we got here we were so stoked! Except that I left my iPhone on the plane