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Royal Caribbean: A Cruise to Better Myself

  Oh the desserts though… We recently embarked on a 12-day cruise with Royal Caribbean through, you guessed it, the Caribbean! We had never done a proper cruise before and we didn’t know exactly what to expect. On the first day, we took a stroll up to the gym and were shocked to read a little fact posted on the whiteboard:  “The average cruiser gains 1-2 lbs a day”. This

Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

There is a lot of controversy regarding visiting elephant and/or tiger sanctuaries in Thailand. The biggest arguments against them being that: The animals are drugged or given substances to tame them. The animals are mistreated in training and raising them. For this trip, Contiki partnered up with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (#ContikiThai) to ensure our tour was properly guided, explained, and ethical. We were told that they don’t wish