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Top 10 Things To Do in India

This list was made on account of our own adventures. There are surely other things to do in India that we haven’t mentioned, but in our own experience, this is our top 10 list.     Spend Some Time on the Beaches   India is home to some gorgeous beaches. Most of which are in the south, obviously, as the north is attached to other countries and also a heck

Out of Goa – Off to Chandigarh

Day 5 – Last day in Goa Woke up again at dawn, that makes 5 days straight (I guess it takes some time to adjust to the other side of the world for the first time). We chilled for a bit, went to the beach one last time, and took some more pictures of stuff. We went to the battle arena to do some documentation stuff but nobody was ready

Goa India – Days 3-4

   The boys had some issues with mosquitoes last night but it was a good sleep otherwise (the beds are still kinda hard). Oh yeah, I took my first sky dump today in one of those ‘hole-in-the-floor toilets’. It was definitely more fun than a regular toilet. I want to sky dump everyday! So I couldn’t take money out of the ATM today, and still no news of my iPhone

Goa – Acquiring the Villa!

Sleep was less than comfortable, but I’m used to sleeping homeless or on the floor of a small room so what do I care? This morning was ridiculous. We were mad at the landlord lady for trying to charge us 1000 rupees for bringing in a crappy little mattress that we didn’t use, AND she wouldn’t give us the free breakfast. So we left three little gifts in the room

Beginning the Travel – Goa

Alright so those flights from Vancouver to Goa were brutally long and arduous. Vancouver – Chicago: 4 hours Chicago – Washington: 2 hours Washington – Qatar: 12 hours Qatar – Goa: 3 hours Including the layover time sitting in different airports, it took us well over a day to get to India. But once we got here we were so stoked! Except that I left my iPhone on the plane