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Music Mondays – 9 Fabulous February Bangers

I currently hold a residency Fridays at Venue Nightclub, Wednesdays at Ceilis Vancouver, and once a month on rotation at Celebrities Nightclub. I’m always pressed to find the newest and hottest bangers and remixes that get released by my favourite artists. My methods for finding music as vast and include a lot of friends tastes along with different music blogs and of course classics like beatport, hypem, and soundcloud to

DJ Ramble’s Adventures

So, we’ve been travelling for just over 5 months now and I wanted to write a short snippet about Djing internationally. Mostly just my experiences but also some stuff to help out any DJ’s that are interested in doing it too! While travelling i’ve managed to dj in several different Countries, at clubs and bars, and have had dozens of places playing my mixtapes on the regular. I want to

First real international gig!

While playing at our Hostel bar “Wish you were here” in Sihanoukville, a guy asked me to play at his Drum n Bass night down the beach at a bar called Oocha… My first gig in Cambodia! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Oocha is unlike most clubs and bars in Vancouver, they have a few rules that are never to

Fishing Trip on Ko Phi Phi

A couple of days ago the boys and I rented a boat and went on an 8 hour fishing journey across the east coast of Thailand. We started off throwing our rods in the water to catch some bait. Within a few hours we had caught over 30 fish. At one point, i caught 2 fish in a row only to hear Gatty screaming as he pulled 3 in fish