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Goa – Acquiring the Villa!

Sleep was less than comfortable, but I’m used to sleeping homeless or on the floor of a small room so what do I care? This morning was ridiculous. We were mad at the landlord lady for trying to charge us 1000 rupees for bringing in a crappy little mattress that we didn’t use, AND she wouldn’t give us the free breakfast. So we left three little gifts in the room

Beginning the Travel – Goa

Alright so those flights from Vancouver to Goa were brutally long and arduous. Vancouver – Chicago: 4 hours Chicago – Washington: 2 hours Washington – Qatar: 12 hours Qatar – Goa: 3 hours Including the layover time sitting in different airports, it took us well over a day to get to India. But once we got here we were so stoked! Except that I left my iPhone on the plane