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Phnom Penh: A Capital Idea

The bus ride was four hours from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh. On arrival, our tuktuk driver told us not to go to the hostel with good reviews and instead took us to a semi-touristy, semi Red-Light-Districty area right by the Mekong River. Pretty decent place to be honest: four beds, TV, fridge, A/C, and a nice big bathroom… with a dying cockroach in it. It was dying for the entire

Cambodia pt 2: Sihanoukville

Off to Sihanoukville So thiiiiis tiiiime, we ate happy pizza AND Valium before the overnight bus, and slept like babies. On arrival, the tuk tuks all take you to the same place: GBT guesthouse & restaurant. Coincidentally, yet unbeknownst to us, this was where two of our friends were staying (Mel and Dee). This is serendipity beach area, but we chose to look for a place at Otres beach. Serendipity

Onto Cambodian Soil!

Cambodian Border   So we found out that heading to the Cambodian consulate, about five minutes from the border, was a little bit cheaper than just going to the border to get our new Visas. But it was a pretty simple process. And there were guys there to help you the entire way through. When we got to the actual border, Ryker and Gatty went first. Gatty wasn’t over his

Koh Phi Phi

We got in in the afternoon and grabbed some wifi lunch at Italiano, and found a place to stay for a couple nights. En route, we ran into Colin, Zach and Devon. We hung out with them all day, but it was that night that was truly awesome. Reggae Bar So Reggae Bar has a food challenge: triple decker, 800g burger with like three roasted potatoes, cut into wedges, and a

Our Favorite Spot in All of Thailand – Koh Tao

Koh Tao   We cut it really close when catching this ferry. We were on standby until five minutes before departure. The ferry ride was about two hours long. First thing we did when we got in was rent scooters. Except Rush, I guess, he got a quad. We cruised around for quite a while trying to find a nice place to stay, but to no avail. Luckily I saw our

The Full Moon Party Experience

Koh Samui   The boat to Koh Samui was so freakin exciting! Everyone was chillin on the decks in the sun just lovin’ life. Dolphins were water galloping with great majesties right beside our boat; but I missed it. When we got to Samui, we grabbed some Thai soup, then cabbed to some backpackers dorm thing. Such a piece. Four crappy bunk beds and a fan. We paid for four nights

First Arrival in Thailand

Five hours from Delhi to Bangkok and we’re finally here. Let me point out that we have very high hopes/expectations of excitement, adventure and joy, so we are feeling pretty high on life right now. We pretty much went straight to NapPark hostel but we walked along a couple streets near Khao San road and got a pretty decent understanding of what we would be dealing with in Bangkok. And

Dharamsala & Bhagsunag

We said goodbye to Arjun and his family, and thanked them sincerely for their hospitality over the last week or so. Then Santrum drove us out to the bus station, and from there on out, it was just the three of us. Since landing in India, we’ve always had a Hindi speaker with us to help us translate and navigate, but we’re on our own now. It was a crazy

Indian Wedding

The Wedding Ceremonies We didn’t really know much about Indian weddings or even truly what to expect. We knew that it was a bigger celebration here in India than it is at home, and we were told that this particular event was going to span four days! Bring it on. Day 1: Banyan Tree Farms/Villa The first night was a very relaxed event. We showed up, ate some snacks, got

A Visit to the Mushroom Factory

Day 7 – Chandigarh, India We had a great sleep in massive beds last night. We could really get used to living in luxury like this. Had breakfast with the family, facebooked for a bit, played a game of pool, and then we all went to the family factory. When we pulled out of his gate, the guard saluted Mann (Arjun’s dad) hardcore military style. It was pretty intense. So